Saturday 19 January 2013

International Holidays are Fun!

Attend any travel event or glance through a newspaper and chances are that you will hear about the growth in the outbound tourists from India to international destinations. With the disposable income on the rise in India, international tourism is also bound to increase. 

One of the favorite discussions for the Indian tourists traveling abroad has been the reluctance to experiment with food! The issue of being a vegetarian or non-vegetarian comes after that. Even those who have preference for non-vegetarian food still struggle because the food tastes so different. And vegetarians any way would struggle on many other counts. In some parts of the world, particularly as one move away from bigger cities vegetarianism as a concept may not be understood. Many of us would know of stories when someone asked for vegetarian food they were offered fish.

International Holidays

The other fascinating aspect of the travel is language. If we are traveling to an English speaking country we might be able to communicate but if we are going to a region where a common language is not spoken the entire game can change! The third bit I realized gradually- that asking for directions is not so common in many other parts of the world. Also what may be polite way of behaving in one culture (think queuing in India) could be an absolute no in other parts of the world!

Now when food and language itself can be so much fun in another country no wonder international holidays are becoming more and more popular. See I didn't even go close to sightseeing or culture or photography that we commonly relate with travel!

What do you think? Do you like to take international vacations? For me many visits have been due to work but I still manage to include a bit of travel on those as well.

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