Friday 6 April 2012

Wagon and Horses

I have visited Wagon and Horses several times and found their non-vegetarian menu superb. This restaurant and pub is in Abingdon near Oxford. Abingdon is a market town located on the Thames and is among the oldest towns  not only in the Oxfordshire but in the whole of Britain. I was taken there first by a friend who teaches in Oxford Brookes.

Inside decor of Wagon and Horses

The decor is excellent and the staff polite and the service excellent. The place also has excellent pub with all kinds of local beers giving a run for their money to the international brands.

I found that the restaurant had a large menu and the best is to go for the buffet menu which (at that time) used to be only under 10 GBP. The menu is a mix of British as well as Oriental.

A wide menu at the Wagon and Horses

Red Duck,  Beef, various kinds of chicken like garlic, chili; Pork Ginger; starters like Butterfly Chicken, Red Chicken, Barbecue Rib were the best.

Best Food 

My friend told me that Abingdon used to be on the trade route and lots of wagons used to pass this area which had to pay a tax as well. The restaurant probably took its name from there.

A friend inside Wagon and Horses

The venue has become so popular among the locals that it is advisable to book in advance especially on weekends otherwise you may not find a place to sit.

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