Sunday 5 February 2012

Fauna in Renuka

I had gone to Renuka in Himachal in 2011 but I was not able to write all the posts due to work commitments and also due to my travelling to Canada and China.

I have written four posts earlier about Renuka and these can be accessed here - 

This time I decided to write about the fauna of the place. I found a snake lazing around - either it was its siesta time or it was not hungry as it was almost not moving.

A snake enjoying the sun!

Of course the place was full of colourful butterflies

The Troika of the butterflies

The place had its share of monkeys and sometimes they can be quite a bully and would alsomost try and snatch stuff from your hands. Noticed this happening with lot many people when they were trying to feed the fish in the lake. Though the particular monkey in the photo below was quite content to sit on this sloping date tree.

Monkey on a Date Tree

Then there were 'Langurs'. Now these are very different in nature compared to the monkeys and would normally not disturb you as long as you do not disturb them.

A Langur on the roof of the Hotel at Renuka

If one goes around the circumference of the lake one would be able to see several kinds of deer as well as other animals.

Deer at Renuka

I could spot Barasingha deer. The place also had bison, tiger, lions and bears. The roar of the lion could be heard even a kilometer away!


What you see in the picture below is not hanging nests on the tress but are huge bats hanging upside down. The area is a habitat to thousands of these huge bats who are hanging on these tress for most part of the day.

Hanging Bats

But in the evening they all get out of their slumber and then fly around and then one can see the huge wings of these bats.

Huge Bats flying

Thought there were several birds that I saw I can hardly name a few except for example the kingfisher. The bird below that I clicked is probably the Yellow wagtail.

Yellow Wagtail?

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