Thursday 31 March 2011

Majestic birds for company for an evening walk

I go for evening walks to the park close to my home. It is a huge park full of trees, birds, water bodies etc. and one can get a company of the majestic peacocks for a walk.

A Peacock strolls among flowers
Normally by the time I go for a walk it is already dusk time and the birds go up on the tress for rest and safety during night or the light is too less for any photograph so this time I went a bit early to capture them in my camera.

Another Peacock goes for a walk
The park probably has 50 or more of these birds and I am happy to see their population growing over the years.

Four Peacock & Peahens
Once it is dusk they fly up on a tree for the final rest of the evening and to also to remain safe from any predators.

Time for a Rest


Unknown said...

Wow ...... you are so lucky.... Peacocks looks too stunning.

Anil Yadav said...

@neha: Thanks!

india said...

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